Daniel Bryan was interviewed by SLAM! Wrestling, where he commented on getting fired from WWE. He said, "I had never had to work on a PG show before, I got caught up in what I was doing. I got to the back and they told me that we weren't allowed to do that kind of stuff. Vince (McMahon) called me himself and explained they were letting me go because they were a PG company and they couldn't have that kind of behavior. But (after I was gone), the fans, the WWE Universe, was awesome. There were Daniel Bryan chants at shows. A main event of Randy Orton and John Cena and the fans were chanting for me.

He also talked about being rehired. He said, "I was at the vet, ready to foster a really fat beagle. And I got a call from (WWE executive) John Laurinaitis saying they'd like me to come back. It was amazing. I was really nervous coming back, at SummerSlam. I was going to be the seventh guy (on Team WWE against The Nexus). It was a big spot to be in. SummerSlam was the highlight of my career to that point."

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