-- Former WWE star Carlito tweeted, "Carlito is gone, Matt Hardy is gone! Damn @the305mvp I hope uve been training ur back!"

-- MVP tweeted in response, "My jaw muscles are jacked from clenching 'em to keep my mouth shut! But I'm THAT guy in the meetings now ! Lol." He also responded to a question if he'd be in the Team RAW vs. Team SmackDown! match at Bragging Rights, saying, "Doesn't look like it. My star is fading! Lol!" He's obviously one of the guys who's not happy these days.

-- David Hart Smith is on Twitter now. Check him out at twitter.com/HarryDHSmith He said he and Yoshi Tatsu were doing "catch as catch can wrestling" training with Billy Robinson. Google it if you don't know what 'Catch Wrestling' is.

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