Thanks to reader Ruthie for sending in these WWE Raw house show results from Friday in Spokane, WA.

Goldust defeated Ted Dibiase. Before the match, Goldust hid the belt under the ring and told the crowd not to tell Ted where he hid the belt. After Ted came out, he yelled at the crowd "Where is it?" The crowd didn't say anything. Goldust pulled him in the ring and the match started. After the match, Nexus came out and attacked Goldust. They then proceeded to talk about how they are going to make sure that Wade Barrett won the WWE title from Randy Orton at Bragging Rights.

Chris Masters defeated Alex Riley via the Masterlock. Before the match, the very annoying anomynous RAW GM had the fans decide if there should be a danceoff between Masters and Riley, which the fans decided there should. Chris won the danceoff using his boob wiggle thing and shaking his butt, which had the fans laughing. From the way Alex Riley was dancing, I'd say that he has two left feet and cannot dance at all.

The Uso Brothers lost to The Hart Dynasty. I'm kinda disappointed that the WWE are going to break up this great tag team. I enjoyed this match very well. Tamina plays her heel charecter very well, as she was booed a lot.

Gail Kim came out and pulled a little kid out of the crowd so the kid could ring the bell for the next match.

Ezekial Jackson beat Zack Ryder. Total squash match and nothing special. I actually thought they released Big Zeke..

Daniel Bryan defeated The Miz to retain the United States Championship. This was a very long, but very good match that saw tons of pinfalls and submissions. Daniel Bryan got one of the biggest ovations of the night, well because he is from Washington. Before the match started, the entire arena was chanting to The Miz "You tapped out", which really made The Miz angry. Daniel Bryan was just cupping his hand to his ear, listening to this. He had a big smile on his face. The ironic thing is that Miz tapped out, which started the chant again.

There was a 10 minute intermission before the next match.

Natalya and Melina defeated Alica Fox and Maryse. Typical Divas match,with Natalya and Melina winning the match.

The Nexus(Justin Gabriel and Wade Barrett) defeated John Morrison and R-Truth. It was apparent that everyone in Spokane hates the Nexus. When R-Truth came out, our section started the What's up chant before R-Truth could start it, which was awesome. During the match, the section that I was sitting at was telling Heath Slater to go back to Wendy's where he belongs. I thought it was pretty funny the way he looked when he heard us. Barrett won after he pinned Morrison after he hit Wasteland. Very good match.

Gail Kim came back out and threw T Shirts at the crowd. After this, the crew came out and set up the steel cage for the main event, which took 20 minutes.

Main Event
Randy Orton defeated Sheamus in a steel cage for the WWE Championship. Sheamus was booed throughout this match. Randy Orton came out to a thunderous ovation, bigger than Daniel Bryan's, which surprised me.There were tons of RKO chants and "Get a Tan" chants directed towards Sheamus during the match. This match went back and forth and it was well worth the money I paid to see this match. The match ended with Randy giving a huge RKO to Sheamus. After the match, Nexus came out again and attacked Randy. Randy was almost beat down fully when the rest of the RAW roster that was here in Spokane and beat up Nexus. Goldust, the Hart Dynasty and John Morrison hit their finishers on Wade Barrett before Randy got him with a thunderous RKO to him to end the show and make the crowd happy.

This was my first ever live event and I must say it was amazing and I lost my voice. John Cena was a no-show, which made the crowd unhappy(except for me, I don't like Cena very much). I enjoyed it very much.

I rate the show an 8.5 out of 10

Biggest Pops:
1. Randy Orton
2. Daniel Bryan(Obviously)
3. John Morrison and R-Truth

Biggest Heat:
1. The Nexus
2. The Miz
3. Alex Riley

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