-- WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart was on hand for the Maritime Wrestling Expo on Saturday in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Reader Ryan attended the event and noted Hart's response to a query regarding WWE not merchandising classic "Hitman" shades upon his return to the organization: "During the meet 'n greet with Bret Hart, when I was getting my Bret Hart shades (purchased back in 1996) signed, I told Bret that I was surprised they didn't start making the Hitman shades again when he came back to WWE. In mid-signature, he stopped, looked up (seeming to lament), and said "They were going to, but we couldn't find the people who used to make them." I've not heard a reason for this reported anywhere before, as it seemed a no-brainer to sell an incredible amount of these cheap-to-produce items... but assumed much like his lack of return to the pink-and-black tights, that he was letting go of another piece of The Hitman's past. Sounds like he was an active participant in the search for the old producers, and was disappointed that they couldn't be brought back."

-- WWE star Chris Jericho, who is currently touring the UK with his metal band Fozzy, was recently interviewed by the UK Sun. In part 1 of the interview, Jericho spoke about other former WWE stars who have left the company to explore other projects in the entertainment industry, such as The Rock, Mickie James and Maria. Here are some highlights of what Jericho said about: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Hollywood career: "The Rock is a great guy, he's a great actor, he was great wrestler one of my favourites but I don't understand why he doesn't want to come back to the show once in a while." Why He's Able to do Other Projects & Not Lose His Spot In WWE: "At the risk of sounding egotistical, I've reached a certain point where you know what Jericho brings to the table. You know the value that I have to the show, both on camera and behind the scenes in the locker room as an idea guy. So I think I can get away with a lot more. Plus I think it's always been understood about Jericho is that there is another side to me. When I walked into the WWE I had a band, there's always been stuff like that going on. If I was just some guy wet behind the ears in his first year in the business there's no way I'd be able to get away with all this stuff."

-- The Great Khali was given a free pass during the eviction process on the Indian reality television show Bigg Boss. The Bigg Boss character gathered all of the housemates into the living room and announced that Khali was immune from elimination until the next round.

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