-- On the WWE YouTube page, featuring the Vince McMahon "Stand Up" video, comments are disabled. Isn't WWE asking for feedback?!

-- The Target Center in Minnesota sent out an email today, offering WWE bragging Rights tickets for $20. The special is good through October 20th through Ticketmaster, and you can get the special by using the code TARGET20.

-- ROH Owner Cary Silkin posted an article today, defending ROH against recent criticism that they are a vanity promotion…

"Before I was the Owner/President of Ring of Honor, I was a fan of pro wrestling. And no matter what entertainment I take in, a concert, a sporting event, a Broadway show, I evaluate if it's worth my time and money. I know wrestling fans do the same exact thing when it comes to what promotion they follow and support. But why choose us?

I've heard so many different descriptions of what we are as a company. Are we a vanity project? Are we the minor leagues? Or are we the home of the best pure wrestling in the United States? Are we the launching pad for wrestlers who will be carrying this industry in the future? As far as I'm concerned I let each show we produce define exactly who we are.

This is why I wanted to reach out to all of you because this weekend we had two great shows in Dayton and Chicago. Our success is driven by wrestlers and their ability. Davey Richards vs. Christopher Daniels on Saturday Night in Chicago is EXACTLY who we are.

The level of competition and athleticism in that match blew me away. Christopher Daniels spoke in the ring after the match that he came back to Ring of Honor to be pushed physically like he was by Davey Richards. In Ring of Honor, you'll not see any hocus pocus or reality stars cashing paychecks. Our brand and our company, is pushed a locker room who wants to show their wrestling skills in the ring and by our fans thirst for matches like Christopher Daniels vs. Davey Richards.

Please never stop the feedback to us at facebook.com/ringofhonor, twitter.com/ROHonHDnetor directly to me – twitter.com/ROHCary. If you've not seen us live, please check our live event sections and come experience what make us different.

I make a plea to everyone that you check out our HDNet show that airs tonight at 8 and 11pm. This week's show features the final ROH appearance of Tyler Black including a spectacular match between Tyler and Davey Richards. That match features more wrestling action in one match then you'll find in some two hour shows. You'll watch this show and know exactly who we are. We are Ring of Honor!

Thank you for you support.


Cary Silkin
ROH President"

Another ticked off company president! Next up - Dixie Carter!

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