-- The WWE website confirmed that Evan Bourne suffered a torn rotator cuff, with the injury being attributed to CM Punk's attack last week on RAW. It's noted that the injury will require surgery and he is scheduled to be out of competition for four months. Bourne already underwent surgery last Tuesday.

-- Eric Bischoff wrote a blog supporting Vince McMahon for starting the "Stand Up for WWE" campaign. Check it out at ericbischoff.com/categoryblog/130-go-linda

-- WWE.com has posted a list of their Top 25 Talkers. This was also plugged on this week's WWE RAW telecast. DEBATE!

25. Sheamus
24. Rick Rude
23. Santino Marella
22. The Million Dollar Man
21. The Miz
20. Jesse Ventura
19. Triple H
18. Paul Heyman
17. Edge
16. Mr. McMahon
15. Superstar Billy Graham
14. Mick Foley
13. Hulk Hogan
12. CM Punk
11. Randy Savage
10. JBL
9. Bobby Heenan
8. Dusty Rhodes
7. John Cena
6. Jake Roberts
5. Chris Jericho
4. Ric Flair
3. The Rock
2. Roddy Piper
1. Steve Austin

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