Yes sir, we promised you a great main event.

Theodore Long turns off RAW GM / Team RAW brawl with Team Smackdown
Teddy Long comes out and says he's running the show tonight and the crowd hate it! The Anonymous GM chimes in and tells him to get out of his ring. Teddy has a referee bring out the Bragging Rights trophy and the Anonymous GM again tells him to get out and Long gets in Cole's face and disconnects the computer before introducing Team Smackdown lead by Big Show. Tyler Reks had new music, it's alot more evil sounding that the one he used on Smackdown. Makes his character seem pretty tough.

The Miz interrupts and calls them all Smurfs and introduced Team RAW which included the returning Ezekial Jackson and no R-Truth, the six RAW men and Alex Riley went to the ring and brawled with the Smackdown crew. Miz got out of the ring and pulled all his guys out telling them to save it for Sunday. Big Show got on the mic and challenged The Miz for later tonight in a captain versus captain match.

The live crowd were all over Teddy Long, I'm sure they'll assume its because the crowd are "loyal RAW fans". They just hated Long. The Miz had a on his top due to him being captain which was great, because Big Show didn't have it on his top so it was something The Miz did himself. The brawl seemed dead and something I thought they would of saved for Friday to close the show heading into Bragging Rights. The live crowd were more interested in cheering for Bret's arrival.

Following this the announce team set up a RAW rebound video from last week's main event where Barrett teased Cena in the ring and they warned us the footage may be "a bit offensive". Don't try and milk a feud that's going good on it's own.

Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre vs. The Hart Dynasty w/ Natalya
We came back from commercial with the WWE Tag Team Champions in the ring, Drew is wearing new red tights for anybody wondering! The Hart's obviously got a huge pop but I'm guessing many of the crowd thought they'd come out with Bret. Match kicked off with more big "We want Bret" chants.

Rhodes & McIntyre spent the early part of the match tagging in and out often, keeping Tyson Kidd isolated for several minutes before Kidd made the hot tag and DH Smith came in like a house on fire, knocking Cody off the ropes and getting a near fall after the Running Power Slam which was broken up by Rhodes. Smith picked up McIntyre for the Hart Attack but went for the Sharpshooter instead. Tyson wasn't pleased and gave out to Smith which caused a distraction and Drew hit the Future Shock DDT and got the pin. Kidd walked away from DH Smith smiling as he went up the ramp. More break up teasing between the Hart Dynasty, we'll see what comes of this all.

Randy Orton backstage with John Cena
Orton told Cena that if gets in his way tonight that he will have no problem kicking him in the head. Cena responds by saying if Orton even tries to kick him with that leg and he'll break it off. Nice having tension between the two already and the "heelish" comment back from Cena was good as it doesn't necessarily have to be taken as a heel comment but a nice way to Test the water.

After the break we had an R-Truth video package, a pretty long one for a promo and Michael Cole said he was a member of Team RAW. He's just not allowed into Canada due to some violation.

Goldust vs. Zack Ryder
Ted DiBiase and Maryse watched from the top of the ramp. This had the potential to be a very good match but Ryder is getting squashed each week and that included tonight. Goldust hit the Final Cut in less than a minute for the win. Following the match DiBiase did a number on Goldust in the ring as Maryse chased Aksana to the back who had the Million Dollar Title, DiBiase was watching the two ladies run to the back and turned around to land himself in a Final Cut of his own. Short but sweet showing for Goldust good to see him looking strong on TV each week instead of just campy videos.

Nexus Backstage
Barrett told Cena he wants him to give Husky Harris and Mike McGillicutty everything he has as he wants to see if they are good enough for the Nexus. Cena asked what's the catch that he's allowed to give them everything he wants. Barrett told Cena there was no catch and he had to go get him a glass of water. When Cena gave him the water, Barrett threw it in his face as the rest of Nexus laughed. I think they are taking the whole Cena has to do what he says thing a bit too far but it's just going to be a sweeter reward whenever Cena manages to get his hands on Wade.

Guest Host Bobb'e J. Thompson backstage with The Miz & Big Show
Big Show's co-star in Knucklehead Bobb'e was backstage beating up The Miz in the new Smackdown vs. RAW video game using the Big Show. Miz came in and told him that's not what is going to happen. Big Show entered and told Miz get out and promised to knock him out tonight. Simple segment that did what it needed but nothing special.

John Cena & Randy Orton vs. Husky Harris & Mike McGillicutty
I thought this was main event but either way, Cena & Orton made their respective entrances first before Harris & McGillicutty, the rest of Nexus came out and watched from the top of the stage. The bell rang and Cena unloaded, obviously being given permission to give everything he has, has given him that extra bit of momentum.

On return from commercial Orton was in the ring with McGillicutty and he tagged in Cena as the announces referenced the teamwork between Cena & The Viper. Cole told the WWE Universe of Harris' and McGillicutty's fathers and grandfathers in the industry yet still felt they had to change their names? I don't understand. Frequent tags between Harris & McGillicutty got the best of Cena as they worked on the Chain Gang Soldier. When Cena finally tagged in Orton, The Viper hit the rope DDT on Harris and then after an Attitude Adjustment and RKO, Orton got the pinfall.

Post match Cena was about to shake Orton's hand before Barrett ordered Cena to leave the ring. Nexus surrounded the ring and attacked Orton as Cena looked on. The crowd had huge Cena chants but Cena just had to watch as Nexus destroyed Orton and hit their finishers. Barrett then ordered Cena to get into the ring and told him to deliver an Attitude Adjustment to Orton. Once Cena had him on his shoulders, Barrett took Orton and gave him The Wasteland as he didn't want Cena stealing his spotlight. Cena left and the rest of Nexus looked on at the fallen WWE Champion.

Dolph Ziggler / Vickie Guerrero / Daniel Bryan Promo
Vickie & Dolph Big Each up as they head to the ring. Why is Michael Cole saying Vickie is beautiful like Matt Striker always does? Daniel Bryan's music hit and he came out. He said he's not a ladies man but even he could do better than Vickie. He asked could he be serious for a minute, a few crowd members thinking of Lance Storm popped. He claimed he had the ability to make Dolph Ziggler tap out and challenged him to a champion vs. champion match at Bragging Rights.

Ziggler accepted and asked why wait until Sunday before slapping Bryan. Bryan tackled Dolph to the outside and got the LeBell Lock on Ziggler on the outisde. Eve Torres' music hit and she along with the other RAW Diva's hi the ring and surrounded Vickie. They threw a bucket of confetti over her and she ran to the back ashamed. I'm serious. Daniel Bryan got in the ring and danced with the Diva's, his burial on Monday Night's continues!

Natalya vs. Alicia Fox
They had Natalya make her entrance during the break which was smart seen as the Hart Dynasty made their entrance only an hour ago. The match has lasted twenty seconds already so it's gone on longer than the match last week. Natayla hit a double underhook throw on Fox which was probably the most impressive thing I've seen in the womens division in ages. She locked in the Sharpshooter and got the tap out win. During her celebrations LayCool came out and bashed Calgary and claimed the Hart's don't belong in the Hall of Fame. They got in the ring and McCool locked in the Sharpshooter as Layla took a picture. Natalya reversed it and tried to get a Sharpshooter of her own but LayCool escaped.

Josh Matthews interviews Theodore Long
Matthews asked was it smart for Teddy to come to RAW and Long said he knew what he was doing. Hornswoggle then revealed the entire Smackdown roster were there all in the bright blue t-shirts.

Big Show vs. The Miz
The Big Show was introduced by his Knucklehead co-star Bobb'e J. Thompson. Show came out with not just his Smackdown teammates but the entire Smackdown Roster. The Miz made his entrance next, it looked like he was coming alone but then every member of the red brand followed. So there was about 40 superstars at ringside and the match kicked off between the former WWE Unified Tag Team Champions.

Big Show ripped off The Miz's RAW shirt and hit him with the big chop. Show threw Miz outside and the two brands teases another brawl until Teddy Long's music hit and he announced the match would now be a Smackdown vs. Raw battle royal.

The battle royal kicked off with JTG being eliminated quickly. Usual battle royal with the odd punch and kick thrown while the rest tried to get a leg over the turnbuckle. Alex Riley, MVP, Chris Masters, Kaval, Tyler Reks, Mark Henry Chavo Guerrero, William Regal, Primo were all eliminationed as Hornswoggle annoyed Michael Cole at ringside hitting him with a flag and actually trying to commentate.

More "We Want Bret" chants sounded around the arena as Santino Marella, Vladimir Kozlov, Luke Gallows, Alberto Del Rio, John Morrison, Jack Swagger, CM Punk were all eliminated. Swagger pulled his Smackdown teammate Edge out of the ring and locked in the Ankle lock as referee's tried to get Swagger out. Big Zeke eliminated Rey Mysterio and then the Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre. Sheamus, Zeke and Bryan were left with The Big Show and Show quickly eliminated Daniel Bryan. Sheamus & Jackson hit a suplex on Big Show as we saw The Miz hidding at ringside. Show threw Ezekial Jackson out then Miz ran in and was eliminated by Show and Edge came back in and eliminated Sheamus for Team Smackdown to win.

Nexus Backstage
Barrett said as a preview of this Sunday he wants Cena to raise Barrett's hand as a token of victory. Cena raised his hand as the show went off the air.

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