-- Kevin Thorn appeared on Right After Wrestling and went into detail about the tweets he posted on Monday afternoon about WWE sending superstars to rehab, being an independent contractor, being in debt after years of wrestling and needing to feed his kids, and perhaps being the one to stand up for the issues wrestlers face.

"The guys, who need rehab, need rehab," said Thorn. "It's not because of the business and it's not because of the pain. It's because they hate not being under the lights anymore. I don't know anyone out there who is doing drugs because they are hurting. It's not because of pain. The pain is the mentality that they can't do this anymore and they need something to numb them. They get so much joy out of coming out to the lights and the crowd. The greatest thing ever is being under those lights. That's our drug. And to go from being under those lights in WWE to going in front of American Legion Hall in front of 200 fans, it's kind of a letdown."

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-- Shane Helms also appeared on the show and said that he speaks with Matt Hardy on a daily basis and that Matt feels great and he and Matt have business projects on the horizon.

"Me and Matt (Hardy) talk on a daily basis," said Helms. "He's doing really good and he's in a good spot in his life. He was just ready to go, like myself when I left (WWE), I was just ready to go. I didn't realize how ready I was to leave until about a month after my release. Back to Matt, he's in a happier place, he's got a ton of projects on the shelf, me and him will be doing a ton of stuff together as well."

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