Thanks to Todd Harkness for sending in these notes from last night's RAW:

- Just got back from the Raw taping in Calgary. Horrible show.

- Couple notes if you're interested, probably already know this already but just in case:

- Post Raw: After Raw went off the air, Bret Hart's music played (for about the 4th time this evening) and he comes out to a monster pop as the special guest referee for a Fatal Four-way match: Orton vs Barrett vs Cena vs Sheamus. Barrett tells Cena he won't be competing tonight so it's down to a fatal three-way. Orton pins Barrett first and then Sheamus to retain. Nexus jumps Orton afterwards, Bret makes the save and helps Orton clear the ring. Slater is still in the ring struggling to get up, Orton readies to RKO him but gives way to Bret applying the sharpshooter instead. Bret shakes hands at ringside and show is done.

- Chants of "We Want Bret" constantly, for about two and half hours straight it felt like.

- Throughout the taping they would keep playing the Bret Hart entrance music and titantron video, which caused a huge pop every time, only for it to transition into an advertisement for the new Smackdown vs Raw video game, "featuring Bret Hart". People were not amused.

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