-- Paul Bearer appeared on Right After Wrestling on SIRIUS Radio 98 and discussed his weight issues. Bearer said that he probably wouldn't be alive today if the McMahons' hadn't paid for his gastric bypass surgery.

"I've always been heavy, in fact I was morbidly obese (before WrestleMania 20)," Bearer said. "And Vince McMahon picked up the $35,000 tab for the gastric bypass surgery. There's no doubt in my mind, if I didn't have that surgery, I wouldn't be here today, I would have died long before my wife did. When my wife was first diagnosed with cancer in 2001, Vince and Linda and company were always there for me. When my wife passed away, they were reaching out and taking care of me."

To listen to the entire interview, click here.

-- FightLine.com has several articles on Brock Lesnar leading up to UFC 121 this weekend. In one of the articles, Lesnar took a jab at challenger Cain Velasquez's Hispanic heritage, saying, "When I get done whipping your ass, I'm gonna go drink a Corona and eat a burrito just for your Hispanic heritage, how about that?" For more on this Saturday's mega-fight, check out FightLine.com for all the latest UFC news by clicking here.

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