Thanks to Moustafa Mohsin of for these WWE SmackDown! spoilers from this week's TV tapings in Canada:

WWE SmackDown!:

* The show opens with Team RAW and Team SmackDown! in the ring. Teddy Long is going to let the teams pick the matches. Miz chooses he, Ezekiel Jackson and Sheamus vs. Big Show, Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston. Edge chose CM Punk, John Morrison chose Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger got Santino Marella.

* Big Show, Kofi and Mysterio beat The Miz, Sheamus and Zeke. Big Show chokeslammed Miz and Rey splashed him for the win.

* Jack Swagger beat Santino Marella. Hornswoggle came out and got into it with Swagger's mascot. Santino attacked the eagle but Swagger won with the ankle lock.

* Alberto Del Rio beat John Morrison.

* LayCool came out and Layla was dressed like Natalya but with Jim Neidhart's beard. Michelle McCool was dressed as Bret Hart. Next, Natalya and Kelly Kelly beat LayCool in tag team action. Natalya used the Sharpshooter.

* Randy Orton defeated Kane in a Champion vs. Champion match. Kane dominated most of the match. The ending was Kane going for a chokeslam, but the bell tolled and the lights went out. When the lights went on, there was no Undertaker, but Orton used the distraction to nail Kane with an RKO for the win.

After the match, Kane was freaking out outside and then the bell was heard again. Kane went back in the ring and Taker came out from the ring by making a hole through. Taker pulled Kane inside the hole. They got out brawled and Kane escaped. Taker posed and then threw the World Title belt in the hole in the ring where he came out of.

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