Some of this has already been posted. We are simply recapping the events with this post:

The Undertaker, his wife Michelle McCool, Paul Heyman and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper were in attendance at UFC 121: Lesnar vs. Velasquez last night. After Lesnar was knocked out by Cain Velasquez, he was walking through the crowd and had a confrontation with former WWE rival The Undertaker as we noted earlier.

Taker was being interviewed by's Ariel Helwani when Lesnar walked right by him. 'The Dead Man' asked Lesnar, "Do you want to do it?" The two men had a brief staredown but Brock kept walking, not responding to Undertaker's challenge. When asked about the brief exchange, Undertaker admitted that it was personal but wouldn't go into specifics.

Later in the evening, UFC President Dana White responded to the confrontation and addressed rumors that WWE is pushing hard to have Brock Lesnar face The Undertaker at WrestleMania 27. Dana White denied knowing anything about Lesnar returning to WWE.

According to a reliable source, WWE has already contacted Brock about wrestling at WrestleMania, but Lesnar's current UFC deal does not allow him to wrestle for WWE. Also as we noted earlier here on the website, there is legit heat between Lesnar and Undertaker due to Lesnar deciding to get out of WWE and go to the NFL when people in the company felt it was time for him to do some jobs and put others over. 'Taker was one of the guys who was not happy about it.

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