-- According to UFC, last night's UFC 121 event was attended by 14,856 fans for a gate of $2.15 million. If the numbers hold, it will equate to $144.72 per ticket issued. It's the eighth-highest event UFC attendance this year and the highest from California.

-- Count Josh Koscheck among those who think Tito Ortiz should be done with MMA. TMZ caught up with Koscheck last night and asked him about Ortiz's loss, and Koscheck said "He should retire. I was up there yelling at him, 'Get your old ass out of the Octagon.'" Check out the video at TMZ.com.

-- TMZ.com also caught up with Cain Velasquez leaving a Hollywood club last night after his UFC 121 win over Brock Lesnar. When congratulated on his win, Velasquez agreed with the interviewer's assessment that "Brock's a tough guy" and didn't say much else. Classy.

-- Cain Velasquez received an insane pop after his UFC 121 fight with Brock Lesnar was stopped via TKO. When Lesnar got back to his feet, he was bleeding from his left cheek and his face looked a complete mess. After the bout, Velasquez said that he was surprised the fight went down the way it did and that he trained for five fights. Lesnar was interviewed by Joe Rogan after his loss. Rogan asked him his game plan going in. Lesnar said he had a great training camp and that he had to admit Velasquez was the better man tonight. Rogan said that he had to go train and come back better. Lesnar remarked, "That's what a champion does, right?"

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