-- FCW, the official developmental territory World Wrestling Entertainment, debuts in Gainesville, FL on Friday, October 29th at the Alachua County Fairgrounds for a "Halloween Supershow." To mark the company's debut, WWE Superstar Sheamus will be on hand to meet and sign autographs for fans in attendance prior to the show.

-- FightLine.com has an article about Brock Lesnar's future in the UFC. UFC President Dana White noted that we'll probably see Lesnar back in the cage sooner than later. There is another article with White saying that he's not upset with Cain Velasquez beating his top draw. You can check out both articles at FightLine.com by clicking here.

-- The Film Yap has a review up for Knucklehead. They write, "'Knucklehead' was never going to be a great film or even perhaps a good one, but it certainly could have been better than the mess it was." You can check out the full review by clicking here.

-- You can check out a look at the new TNA video game for the iPhone at this link.

-- There is an interview with Chris Nowinski talking about CTE, the the disease which kills brain cells from concussions. You can check out the interview below:

-- Tonight's ROH on HDNet at 8 & 11pm will feature:

Main Event:
Briscoe's Last Chance At The World Tag Team Titles
The Kings of Wrestling defend vs. Jay and Mark Briscoe

Grizzly Redwood & Andy "Right Leg" Ridge vs. Necro Butcher & Erick Stevens

Super Smash Brothers vs. House of Truth

You can check out a preview below:

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