-- WrestlingINC.com reader Brian sent this one along: It looks like Chavo Guerrero's temper is getting the best of him again on Twitter (http://twitter.com/mexwarrior). He seems to have started a flame war with a fan. His attacking post is his most recent one. This looks like it could get ugly. Especially since he isn't staying PG! Here is his latest tweet, directed at a fan who called him out: "@Krispinwah thinks he's tough... He's a p---y just like all the other haters! Ok Chavo twit universe.. Unleash hell on him!!"

For that it's worth, the fan tweeted the following to Chavo which caused his response: "@mexwarrior You have big internet b*lls, sp*c.Talk sh*t to Brock's face and he will f*ck you. Literally, he will f*ck you up that brown a*s. We all know Eddie didn't die. He just got deported.<"

-- There remains the possibility that Brock Lesnar could appear for WWE in a non-physical capacity, but so far there's no word out of Lesnar's camp as to whether he is interested in working with WWE again. We do know that WWE contacted Brock Lesnar about wrestling at WrestleMania 27, but the latest is that most people in the company knew nothing about it until this weekend. If Lesnar decides he wants to do it, (and that is a BIG if and highly unlikely), then WWE would have to work with UFC on setting up some kind of deal that would allow him to compete. The offer was kept secret from many within the company as noted.

Also as noted late last night here on the website, Lesnar received several stitches to his face following his fight with Cain Velasquez and said he did not attend the post-fight press conference because he wanted Velasquez to get the spotlight. Early indications are that UFC 121 had a tremendous amount of buys, with some predictions saying it could be the second most purchased UFC PPV of all time. Brock Lesnar is a HUGE draw and the belief is that Cain Velasquez brought in a lot of Mexican-American viewers similar to what boxing draws with Mexican fans. It's a HUGE semi-new fanbase for the UFC. Velasquez will be on comedian George Lopez' show "Lopez Tonight" on TBS tonight. Cain also just appeared on 'TMZ Live' on their website. (Some of the above is re-posted from last night's report.)

-- Here is a new scene from Steve Austin's Hunt to Kill:

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