-- WWE.com has added Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty to its RAW Superstars page. Both were inducted into The Nexus by group spokesman Wade Barrett last night on RAW Meanwhile, the website has yet to add Alex Riley to the roster page despite his appearances on RAW the past several weeks.

-- WICB Radio SportsTownChicago.com recently conducted an interview with former WWE Superstar Batista. "The Animal" discussed his strong distaste for WWE's "PG" direction, working on NBC's Chuck, his future prospects in the film industry, and the scathing promo he cut on John Cena the week before WrestleMania. Regarding the promo, he said several colleagues praised him afterwards for it, but noted Vince McMahon hating it. The former WWE Champion also noted receiving much grief for his "hugging fat girls" line in another Cena themed promo on RAW earlier this year. To listen to the eight minute long interview, go to sportstownchicago.com/batista.cfm

-- Players of WWE's SmackDown! vs. RAW 2011 video game, which is officially released today, can access the Tribute to the Troops Arena via passcode. The code to unlock the setting is '8thannualtribute'.

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