-- WWE's COO Donna Goldsmith, CFO George Barrios, Triple H and Kelly Kelly rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange this morning to celebrate 10 years that WWE has been a publicly traded company.

-- In a new one hour interview with CYInterview.com, Jesse Ventura gave his thoughts on all the professional wrestlers dying. Focusing back on his professional wrestling days, Ventura doesn't ever have any thoughts on to why many of his past co-workers that were professional wrestlers have died in recent years when asked about it stating, "I know why. I don't have to answer that question. They abused steroids and they abused a lot of other things and when you do that, you're living life in the fast lane and you know, you roll the dice. I don't need to ask a question because I know why they're dying. You notice I'm not dying, because I never abused steroids. I tried them, but I never used them very much. If you notice, I still have my build. The guys who use steroids lose their build as they get older cause they gotta stay on them."

-- Randy Orton watched John Cena's latest movie "Legendary" this week and wrote on Twitter that it was "not a bad flick at all." He added that he thought John Cena did "a fine job."

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