-- We reported earlier this week that CM Punk appeared to suffer a back or hip injury at Sunday's Bragging Rights pay-per-view. Punk noted on Twitter that he underwent an MRI yesterday on his birthday. Punk has been pulled from the next few WWE live events as a precaution and the results of the MRI should be available in the next few days. We'll follow up on this at that point.

-- Matt Hardy, who was released from his contract with World Wrestling Entertainment on Oct. 15, has been added to the company website's Alumni section.

-- Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre revealed in an interview with WWE Magazine that his dream opponent is The Undertaker as he would put his cherished hair on the line for a chance to break his undefeated streak at WrestleMania.

"Undertaker and The Streak—a Hair vs. Streak Match. I would absolutely risk my hair for a chance to break 'Taker's record," he replied in response to a question asking who he would put his hair on the line against and what type of match. "Even if I lost, I'd still have main-evented 'Mania against 'Taker. Either way it goes, I'm a winner. Maybe a bald winner, but it'd be worth it.

Earlier in the interview, McIntyre jokingly said he plans on being buried with his hairbrush.

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