-- You can check out an article on the behind the scenes operation of running WWE.com at managementconsultancy.co.uk

-- Bill Behrens sent this along: Highway 2 Helms tonight, Wednesday Oct 27th 7pm EST. Go to geekweek.com/live.html to join in. Always funny and every now and then informative. A great insider's view on Pro Wrestling, but topics don't stop there. No holds (or words) barred!

-- A&E sent out the following today… A&E PRESENTS: "FINDING HULK HOGAN" ONE-HOUR SPECIAL GIVES AN UNFLINCHING LOOK AT HULK HOGAN'S LIFE IN THE AFTERMATH OF HIS DIVORCE AND HIS LAWSUIT FROM HIS SON'S TRAGICCAR ACCIDENTAS HE REBUILDS HIS LIFE AND RETURNS TO THE RING SPECIAL PREMIERES WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 17 AT 10PM ET/PT NEW YORK, NY – October 27, 2010 – Terry Bollea, better known as Hulk Hogan, has been world-famous for almost thirty years. From the fan frenzy of Hulkamania all the way through to the tabloid-driven fascination with his family, Hulk has lived his entire adult life in the public eye. Losing nearly everything in the aftermath of his divorce, a pending lawsuit from his son's tragiccar accident, and a body riddled with injuries from years in the ring, Hogan must now start over at a time when he thought he would be happily settled into his retirement. Emotional, and completely honest, "Finding Hulk Hogan" tells his side of the story — and gives viewers a Hulk Hogan they've never seen before. The one-hour special premieres Wednesday, November 17 at 10PM ET/PT. Hogan gives fans a stark glimpse at his entire life, including his darkest moments of depression, thoughts of suicide, alcohol and prescription pill abuse, his broken marriage, losing his entire fortune, deciding to return to Totally Nonstop Action (TNA) wrestling despite severe medical warnings, making amends with his children, finding God and committing to his girlfriend, Jennifer McDaniel. Candid interviews with Hogan and the people in his life help chronicle the ups and downs and round out the story of a man who is trying to rebuild the pieces of his empire and move forward with his life. "Finding Hulk Hogan" is produced by Bischoff HerveyEntertainment. Eric Bischoff, Jason Hervey and Terry Bollea are the Executive Producers. A&E Executive Producers are Robert Sharenow and Andy Berg.

-- Vickie Guerrero wrote the following on Twitter, confirming our report that her and Eddie Guerrero's 20-year-old daughter Shaul has signed with WWE: "I am proud and happy for my daughter getting signed! She has heart and commitment. Eddie would be so proud of her!"

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