-- A Linda McMahon campaign commercial that just started airing features an appearance by Stephanie McMahon.

-- Donovan Ruddick was offered a WWE Developmental deal, but has yet to sign. Many are worried that because the news has leaked, the deal will go away. He is still likely to sign.

-- Michael Porter, who was a ring announcer for WWE's West Coast shows from 1988- 1993, passed away on Saturday at the age of 59. You can check out an article about it at slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Wrestling

-- There is a story on Chris Nowinski and the the Sports Legacy Institute in the Alumni Magazine of Boston University. You can check that out at bu.edu

-- On Tuesday night's 1,000 Ways to Die on Spike TV they had scenes of an independent show in Rockford, Illinois that had a staple gun, light tubes and a weed whacker involved.

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