Hulk Hogan posted a new video blog talking about changes ahead for TNA storylines. He said it was about to "get real" and said they would be eliminating "fake" characters and storylines.

"I guess you could call this the final warning to the weak, the frail, the faint of heart," he said. "TNA is for real. It's going to get more real as we move along in the coming weeks. We're not going to be like wrestling used to be with a bunch of fake-ass wrestlers and fake storylines. We're going to start shooting. This is about drawing money. And if you don't draw money, you don't belong here. We're going to blow the roof off this place. We're going to do in TNA what should have been done all along. We're going to make it interesting. We're going to make it real interesting."

Check it out below:

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