-- MVP celebrates his birthday today as the "Ballin'" Superstar turns 37 years old. Happy B-Day to Alvin! As noted earlier, MVP recently developed heat backstage for moaning about the company's younger performers being promoted ahead of him. The SmackDown! Superstar garnered more heat for recent Twitter remarks complaining about his lack of a push with the organization.

-- In an interview with MichelleMcCool.net, the Co-WWE Divas Champion answered a number of "Girl Talk" type questions such as where she's most ticklish, which of her fellow Divas she feels has the best body, how often she gets manicures, and whether she shaves or waxes. She also shares a disturbing restaurant story. To read the interview, go to michellemccool.net

-- WWE NXT Pro Goldust gave his take on the contestants of NXT today on Twitter, noting Naomi, AJ and Aksana as the program's standout performers. He also feels Kaitlyn has "come around," while Maxine has yet to impress him. When questioned about the first Rookie Diva to be eliminated from the contest, Jamie Keyes, he stated, "She's gone and she had a bad attitude." However, in a follow-up tweet regarding Keyes, he wrote: "I wish her good luck in whatever she does."

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