Credit: Larry Csonka

-We get a video of recent events, featuring Jeff Hardy owning Mr. Anderson.

-From the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida!

-Mike Tenay and Taz are our hosts.

-The show is titled "Chained To Fate."

-The show beings as Tara and Mickie James are brawling in the backstage area. People watch on as Tara uses s--t from the trashcan to beat down Mickie. Mickie hits her with the drink cooler and knocks down the cameraman, sucks to be him. The battle now spills into the parking area backstage ,and Mickie tosses Tara into the wall, but Madison Rayne is now here to give Tara the unfair advantage. The beautiful People arrive to help Mickie take control of things, and then Sarita's fine ass arrives to even the odds again. Tara now chokes out Mickie with a belt, as they continue to brawl al lover the place. They all need to wear tight ass jeans like this all the time. Velvet and Sarita brawl into the Impact Zone, Madison and Angelina join them. Tara and Mickie are still backstage, brawling by the dumpster. They eventually fight into the Impact Zone, and they make it to ring side. Thesz Press by Mickie from the railing, and into the ring they go as everyone spills into the ring now. Ric Flair and security come out to the ring now, they try to stop them and Flair gets nailed. He threatens to chop them, Tara shoves him and then Mickie slaps Flair. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, GET A GRIP" he yells, and then threatens to make women out of them. Crowd wants them to fight more, and Flair says that here is the deal. They all brawl more, and says they need to get a grip, and tonight they can fight, in a six-way match. He calls Mickie a nut job. They all start brawling again as Flair looks to have a coronary.

-The Pope wheels out a casket, as Taz says, "I hope it isn't a badass trying to take out an MMA guy." ZING.

-Last week, Jeff Hardy got violent, and wee see his attack on Mr. Anderson with the chair shot, that cut him open and gave him a concussion.

-Flair and Bischoff talk, and Flair asked where he was while he was dealing with six chicks acting like his ex-wives. Flair asks where Hogan is, and Bischoff says Hogan is looking into new talent for Immortal. Security laughs, and Flair and Bischoff puts them in their place. Bischoff says if Angle makes it into the Impact Zone, it is their ass. A trainer walks in and asks about Anderson being in a match tonight. Bischoff says the match will happen, and the trainer says he suffered a concussion last week. Flair makes an NFL joke and says guys get paid to wrestle. Flair asks where he was when he was bleeding for 20-minutes with Foley. The trainer puts over Anderson's injury as Flair and Bischoff joke about it, and say Anderson will wrestle tonight. He asks about Dixie's policy on head injuries, and Bischoff says she is gone. Bischoff tells him to leave. The trainer does NOT approve of this.

-Pope is out in the ring, and says he will speak to his congregation and hold court. When Pope speaks, the congregation speaks back. Apparently, there is a monster on the loose, and the monster, is filled with evil spirits of demonic proportions. Pope plans to pimp slap the monster over and over again. Since Abyss has decided to be evil, then it is time to do something about it. How about they get together, and he gets Abyss and puts him in a casket and sends him to hell. Abyss interrupts from the crowd, and says he comes with standing orders from Immortal, and he has been instructed to extinguish the flame that is the Pope. Make no mistake, when they meet, the only thing Pope will need is a priest to give last rites. As for all of the pathetic sheep that follow him, you too are no longer safe. Abyss is coming for all of them, one by one. Abyss grabs two young people and drags them backstage. Pope rushes into the crowd and tries to save them.

-JJ talks about tossing Joe off of the stage, and says he will face Joe at Turning Point. But tonight, he will deal with Mr. Anderson, and he will eliminate him tonight. Go take some aspirin.

-Flair talks to a chick as Morgan arrives, and says not to mess with the women you work with, don't be Brett Favre. Morgan discusses the Anderson concussion thing. Flair says no one should get special treatment. Morgan says he knows about concussions, and they are doing studies now that should be listened too. Flair says today is still his day and whatever Bischoff puts down for Anderson to do, Fourtune will support. Flair says to forget they had this talk, and he will go find the chick.

NON-TITLE JERSEY STREET FIGHT MATCH: Jay Lethal © vs. Robbie E. w/Cookie
If Robbie wins, he gets an X-Division title match at Turning Point.

They are in street fight clothes, I approve. Jay charges the ring and here we go. Jay in control, Robbie to the floor but Jay follows and lays him out. We have weapons on the floor, trashcan lid shot by Jay. Lays a street sign on the floor, suplex to Robbie onto the sign. Robbie fights back, gets the roadblock deals and sets them up. Chops by Jay, and crotches Robbie onto the roadblock deal. Jay with mounted rights, into the ring we go and Robbie with the back elbow for 2. Robbie lays the boots to him, rips off Jay's shirt and gets the cane from Cookie. Boots from Jay, gets the cane, nails Robbie. Jay tosses a trashcan into the ring, puts Robbie into it and grabs the cane. NAILS Robbie. Jay sets him up, and hits him again. Jay up top now, Cookie grabs him leg, SPRAYS Jay with hairspray, which allows Robbie to hit the FIST PUMP neck breaker for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Robbie E. @ 5:00 via pin

-The Beautiful People prepare backstage and are pissed. Velvet wants to beat Sarita's ass, but first has to call Chris. Angelina then sees Winter appear from nowhere. Angelina is creeped out, and Winter says they have a bond. The universe brings them together. Maybe even fate. Velvet comes back, but Winter is gone. Velvet doesn't believe her and says he is worried.

-We see clips of Bischoff playing mind games with RVD last week, and Sabu accidentally hitting RVD with a chair. EV2.0 is falling apart.

-EV2.0 is in the ring. They say RVD has not been in contact with them, and Dreamer asks him to come to the ring. RVD makes his way out to the ring. Zen Brian Kendrick is also out there, sitting in the corner. Dreamer says they need to end this now, they have known each other for over 15-years, Sabu and the original Sheik trained him. RVD talked him into TNA. The Sabu thing was an accident. RVD says that it wasn't an accident, and RVD doesn't know who he can trust. Jeff Hardy had him cut open. Dreamer says this is what Bischoff wants, but they are family and should be together. Hardy is just a scumbag. Remember history, what Eric tried to do to ECW. This is US bro. Raven chuckles, and then says DUDE, you're paranoid, and maybe the weed is causing it. Bischoff is a super genius. He has you a mess, we are your friends, listen to us. HA FN HA RVD says, and RVD says Raven is the stooge. They almost brawl, and Flair and Fourtune come out. Flair calls them dysfunctional, and says that Fourtune is power and composure, not a bunch of punks like EV2.0. At turning point, EV2.0 faces Fourtune for the last time, and tonight, Raven and RVD face AJ Styles and Kaz. Williams wants to wrestle, but they back him off.

-We see Fourtune backstage with Williams being mocked for being English. He then mentions he beat Kaz for the X-Title in the past. Flair says Williams is a major part of the group, and that if he wants to wrestle tonight, then Kaz can put his suit on and Williams can tag with AJ. Storm then tells Flair the chicks are in the limo.

Sarita, Tara and Madison Rayne vs. Angelina Love, Velvet Sky and Mickie James
Love, Sky and Mickie attack during the entrance and we are underway. Love and Tara spill into the ring and the official and security are trying to stop them. We are officially underway and Love and Madison brawl to begin. Boot and a clothesline by Love, tag to Tara, and the front stunner by Love. Tag to Sky, double leg sweep and a cover for 2. Chops, off the ropes and a spinning head scissors by Sky gets 2. Tag to Mickie, up top and Tara backs away, tag to Sarita. Sarita shoves her, lock up and rights by Mickie. A whip, reversal and a head scissors by Mickie. Neck breaker follows and a cover for 2. Tara distracts Mickie, allowing Sarita to rush her to the ropes, a boot to the head by Tara, tags in and covers for 2. Madison in and chokes out Mickie, ands then SKULL f--k on Mickie! Tag to Tara, lays the boots to Mickie, pulls the hair, but Mickie battles back and gets a clothesline. BOTH ladies are down, they fight for the tag, Love and Sarita in. Clotheslines by Love, Tara in to disrupt things, Love tags in Mickie, Thesz press to Sarita from the top. Mickie fights out of the heel corner, all the heels in now, Mickie tosses Tara, Sky in, DDT to Sarita and Madison breaks up the pin. It breaks down as they all brawl, Mickie gets the screaming DDT on Madison, widow's peak by Tara to Mickie. Love in and she and Sky with the double kicks, Sarita in, TIGER BOMB to Sky and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Sarita, Tara and Madison Rayne @ 7:00 via pin

-Backstage, the Pope looks for Abyss.

-Generation Me cuts a promo about tonight's tag team match. It is all about ME. Ink Inc makes their way to the ring, and Moore says that Matt and Jeff from 1998 want their gear back. Moore preaches about what they represent, and the Guns come to the ring.

TNA TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The Motor City Machineguns © (Sabin and Shelley) vs. Ink Inc. (Neal and Moore) vs. Generation Me (Max and Jeremy)
Neal and Jeremy to begin things. Shoulder block by Neal, boot, off the ropes and the neck breaker gets 2. Rights by Neal, tag by Max, stun gun to Neal and Max covers for 2. Shelley stops that, Gen Me double teams and takes him to the floor. Gen Me with the assisted dropkick to Neal, Jeremy works the arm, tags Max, double stomp to the arm of Neal and a cover for 2. Slam to Neal, drops the elbows and a cover for 2. Max in control, tag to Jeremy, kick to the face of Neal. To the corner, tag back to Max, and they continue to work over Neal. They try the assisted dropkick again, but Neal with a sweet spinebuster on Jeremy. Tag to Moore, who cleans house on Gen Me. Spinkick and a cover for2. Gen Me both in, DOUBLE RANA by Moore! Moore tosses Neal to the floor, and takes out Gen Me. Guns in, it breaks down with dives to the floor, Moore with the moonsault onto Max for 2. Neal and Moore try a double team, Max escapes, And Ink Inc and the Guns beat down Gen Me. Gen Me tossed to the floor, Neal grabs Shelly, MOOREGASM, but Jeremy pulls out the ref. Stun Gun to Neal, Skull and Bones by the Guns finish it.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The Motor City Machineguns @ 6:00 via pin

-Team 3D make their way to the ring, clapping for the Guns. They give Ink Inc respect as well, and say that TNA has the best tag team division in wrestling. Team 3D, Gen Me, Ink Inc, Beer Money, and the champions, The Guns. Ray says at BFG they made a decision to retire, and he thanks the fans for their support. They want to go out against the best, and that is the Guns. They want an answer from the Guns, and Shelley takes the mic. He says three years ago Team 3D made them into men, and Team 3D are legends. Shelley says that they have always been the peoples champions, and asks the crowd if they want the match. They shake and hug, and we have a match.

-Bischoff is backstage, and Matt Morgan is here. Morgan wants to discuss Anderson, and the chain match. Bischoff mocks Anderson's concussion and talks about ratings, and Morgan doesn't approve. Morgan thinks putting Anderson in the ring is not responsible, and Eric says that is the wrestling business. Morgan says this is not about ratings. Morgan says he gave Hernandez a concussion, and he has to own what he did. This is a bigger issue than what Eric thinks. Eric says he doesn't understand what the safety s--t is all about, and this is about business. People need to do what they are told, and Anderson will wrestle tonight. He has security escort Morgan out.

-We see Matt Morgan looking to meet with Anderson. The trainer discusses that Anderson shouldn't wrestle, and Morgan promises that he just wants to talk.

-Taz says he understands Morgan's issue, but that he is going too far.

-We get a creepy video on Jeff Hardy.

-Taz and Mike Tenay argue.

RVD and Raven vs. Douglas Williams and AJ Styles
Williams and AJ attack as Raven enters the ring, RVD is not out yet. His music hits as raven gets beat down further, and slowly walks his way out to the ring. He takes time to pose, what a guy. RVD slides in and they beat him down. RVD makes his comeback, tosses Williams and Raven cross bodies AJ to the floor. RVD and Williams in the ring, RVD slams Williams to the corner, rolling thunder hits and he covers for 2 as AJ makes the save. Modified clutch by Williams, tags AJ in and he lays the boots to RVD. Slam by AJ, off the ropes and a knee drop connects and he covers for 2. Taz and Tenay's arguing is becoming annoying. Williams knocks Raven to the floor, and they maintain control on RVD. Williams officially tags in, front facelock applied, and Williams grounds him. AJ knocks Raven to the floor, AJ tags in, snap mare to RVD and is in control. ALL DAY LONG says AJ. RVD tries to fight back, and AJ slams him down by the hair. Williams wants in the ring, AJ argues a bit, and RVD fights back with a kick to drop AJ. Ric Flair comes out, pulls Raven to the floor and NAILS Raven with the TV Title. RVD crawls for the tag, but Raven not there and RVD is not happy. RVD tries to fight back by himself, looks for Raven and asks what the hell he is doing on the floor. Uppercut by Williams, AJ in with the springboard and they then argue over who should be in. Williams hits the knee drop off of the top and AJ slides in and covers RVD for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: AJ and Williams @ 7:00 via Pin

-Clips of the TNA stars on Family Feud.

-Back from commercial and it is time for the main event.

-Jeff Jarrett makes his way to the ring with his chain. JJ is back to the shorter heel Jarrett haircut.

-JJ calls out Anderson, his music hits…and Matt Morgan comes out.

-We head into ReACTION time, and Morgan says that they are boys, same group, but no one in the back will listen to him. So since they are boys, maybe they can talk. He says JJ has been wrestling since he was 16, and in his thousands of matches, he has wrestled with concussions. Morgan say she is a member of the Sports Legacy Institute, a place that does concussion research. So, there are 15-year old kids that walk around with the brain of an 85-year old. He says it is up to the, from one athlete to another, that when a man is down and had enough, that he has had enough. JJ gets the mic and says ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME MATT? He doesn't care about Anderson, and last week he tossed Joe off the stage without batting an eye. He doesn't care about Joe, Anderson, Joe or Morgan. He says the massacre of Anderson will take place, and Morgan cannot do anything about it. JJ tells him to bail and calls out Anderson. Morgan starts to leave, and then puts on the chain, and says that he won't sit back and watch, he will kick JJ's ass! JJ says he didn't want to upset Morgan and attacks him. We have a match.

CHAIN MATCH: Matt Morgan vs. Jeff Jarrett
Morgan in his suit here, takes control and crotches JJ. He tosses him to the corner, back elbows, and then the corner splash. Side slam by Morgan, and then rights to JJ. Sack of s--t slam by Morgan, and to the floor they go. Morgan in control with rights, but JJ slams him to the post. Morgan is busted open, fights back, and Taz and Tenay are VERY annoying right now. Chokeslam by Morgan, sets for the kick, misses, and JJ crotches him with the chain, STROKE by JJ and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jeff Jarrett @ 4:00 via Pin

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