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The show opened with the funeral The Undertaker. Standard Kane stuff. Alberto interrupts. He wants a title match. Rey Mysterio did a run in. Edge did a run in and was the last man standing.

There will be a Number One's Contender Match later between Alberto, Rey and Edge.

Vickie Guerrero is dressed as cougar. Happy Halloween. Dolph Ziggler will take on Daniel Bryan.

Bryan won after Dolph had the match won but the ref was out and couldn't make the count.

Kane and Paul Bearer were out. Bearer did an interview saying whoever gets the World Title match will pay.

Kelly and Cody Rhodes were backstage. Big Show enters to challenge Cody. It becomes a tag match. Cody and Drew McIntyre will take on Big Show and a mystery partner.

Jack Swagger beat Kaval with The Ankle Lock.

A 9 Divas costume contest next. It turned out to be a 8 divas match and the faces won. The divas were The Bellas, Kelly Kelly, Melina, Laycool, Rosa and Alicia Fox. Vickie didn't come out for contest.

Time for Cody and Drew vs. Big Show and Kofi Kingston, as the mystery partner. Show pinned Cody. After the match, Drew and Cody split up.

Edge won the Number One Contender's match in the main event.

Dark Main Event:

Edge, Rey Mysterio and The Big Show took on Kane, Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio. The faces won.

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