-- The WWE website has now confirmed that Kofi Kingston will join the Ghost Hunters Halloween Live special on Syfy Sunday night. The program begins at 7/6 CT.

-- As noted earlier here on the website, there is some frustration in WWE that Vince McMahon's top priority these days is the "Stand Up For WWE" campaign - and the television product is suffering as a result. WWE employees and superstars have been voluntarily "standing up for WWE" and recording video testimonials about how great the company is, but the overall feeling is that Vince's time would be much better spent developing better storylines and feuds. People are optimistic that things will get better after Linda McMahon's Senate campaign ends next week (Election Day is next Tuesday night).

-- Earlier this week, we reported that current WWE Champion Randy Orton had taken a dig at former WWE star Matt Hardy on Twitter. Orton was asked if he planned to start a YouTube channel, to which he replied, Earlier in the week, a fan asked Orton if he was going to open a YouTube page. Orton took a shot at Hardy and replied, "And do what? Eat grapes?". This is a shot at Hardy, who was eating (and raving about) grapes in one of his recent YouTube videos. Hardy has already responded to Orton's remark. Hardy, who is still operating two separate Twitter accounts (one as "Matt" and one as "Matthew"), wrote the following (As Matthrew): "Make sure to check out the Matt Hardy brand youtube channel because their is going to be an entry on there, a can't miss entry which is going to be about a current WWE champion, and actually one who might think about eating grapes for breakfast."

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