-- Happy Halloween everyone. Please be safe if you're going out tonight and don't cause any trouble!! I'll be throwing on a mask and taking my little niece out in just a little bit here. Thanks for your continued support of the website! We appreciate it a ton.

-- Former ECW Producer Steve Karel has assembled a PPV series called Extreme Wrestlers, which will include matches from various libraries that he owns, such as 3PW, Wrestlezone, and so forth. The November installment of this series will focus on former ECW and WCW World Tag Tam Champions Public Enemy (Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge). The PPV will cost $9.95 and is titled Public Enemy: Extreme Tag Team R.I.P. It debuts this Tuesday (11/2). Below is promotional material was released to promote the PPV: Rocko Rock and Johnny Grunge-The Public Enemy-were the first stars of the now defunct ECW Wrestling franchise. They personified the violence and extreme in and out of the ring wars that the myth of Extreme was based on. You will see the last and most bloody of their most insane wars just before there were no more! Missy Hyatt will also be featured in this series during the month of November.

-- Ringside Collectibles are having a Halloween sale right now. You can check it out at ringsidecollectibles.com Ringside held their most recent Ringsidefest yesterday. It sold out well in advance due to having The Miz and WWE Champion Kane available for an autograph signing. After that, Chris Jericho and the Mattel WWE Action Figure design team held a Q&A session. It ended with a Chris Jericho signing session.

-- This past Thursday on TNA iMPACT!, Matt Morgan turned babyface as a reaction to Eric Bischoff trying to force Ken Anderson to compete with a concussion. Chris Nowinski, founder of the Sports Legacy Institute, was asked to comment on this storyline since his organization has been outspoken on attempting to inform the world on this very topic. Here's what he had to say: "I was extremely pleased to see the concussion storyline as it was executed on TNA. I think it was a positive portrayal of the issue, and it was great to see Matt Morgan treated as the babyface for his concern about the consequences of returning to the ring so soon after a concussion. Matt Morgan has been an energetic support of the Sports Legacy Institute and this issue, and I was proud to see him able to reach millions with this message. However, I must note that I'm not happy the storyline was generated by a chair shot to the back the head of Ken Anderson, another SLI supporter, but I was told it was not scripted that way. I hope TNA notes the cause and effect of that hit and puts more in place (training, fines, etc.) to prevent future use of the chair in that manner and keep top talents in the ring." You can read more about the Sports Legacy Institute at sportslegacy.org

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