Triple H appeared very briefly on this week's RAW in a backstage cameo. Stephanie McMahon woke up from a dream and asked Triple H if her father was still in a coma. This came after a segment aired of Vince McMahon in a hospital being tended to by his doctor, Freddie Prinze Jr. That whole segment was just odd and obviously politically related.

After this week's WWE RAW went off the air on the USA Network, WWE Champion Randy Orton defended the WWE title in a triple threat match against Wade Barrett and Sheamus. Orton went after Wade Barrett first, but was taken out by Sheamus. The heels then beat down Orton until he reversed a double clothesline and took them all out. Orton then proceeded to give Wade Barrett the middle finger and threw him out of the ring. Orton worked over Sheamus and hit the RKO on Wade Barrett for the win.

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