-- "Rowdy" Roddy Piper's son Colt Toombs recently became a pro MMA fighter after an undefeated amateur run. TMZ has a video up of the two together, hugging, at the L.A. Improv last night, where Hot Rod was doing his standup routine. Check out Roddy calling his kid "beautiful" by clicking here.

-- As noted earlier here on the website, a video game website (Kotaku.com) posted an odd video of TNA star Hulk Hogan playing the new "Def Jam Rapstar" video game with Jimmy Hart and his daughter, Brooke. Everything is fine until Hulk apparently gets bored with the game and flashes his "junk" to the camera. Yes, he flashed his p---s with his daughter standing several feet away. Brooke saw what went down and responded with a surprised "Whoa, Dad, whoa" as the video cuts out. It should be noted that Hogan received a lot of negative press several years back when photos leaked online of him applying tanning oil to his daughters butt and legs. Hulk's current real-life girlfriend also looks like Brooke's identical twin. Weird, Weird, WEIRD!

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