-- Ezekiel Jackson reportedly suffered an injury during his bout with Zack Ryder at tonight's Raw live event in Nice, France as he had difficulty walking after performing The Book of Ezekiel on the Long Island native.

-- The most recent numbers from the election put Richard Blumenthal's win over Linda McMahon at a 54% to 44% margin.

-- In his press conference as senator-elect today, Richard Blumenthal was asked whether he would be pursuing greater regulations for professional wrestling. "One issue that I clearly saw as important is the potential dangers of steroids -- the real dangers of steroids -- and the long-term health consequences of steroid use and that will be a focus of mine as a United States Senator," he said. "I won't say beyond that what I would do about any of the other issues in the campaign that related to the way my opponent ran her business or treated the people who worked for her, but I think the campaign clearly involved a contrast in our respective records."

-- The TNA Family Feud episodes had a TNA belt and not a WWE belt as reported elsewhere.

-- The Matt Morgan vs. Jeff Jarrett match from last week's TNA iMPACT! aired in its completion on the international version of the show, as opposed to some other times where the main event has been edited out due to the overrun into ReAction.

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