Tenay and Taz run down some of the highlights of the card including the TNA Tag Team and World Championship matches, as well as the EV2 vs Fortune match.

They then throw it to the backstage area where Christy Hemme is with Mickie James. James runs down Tara and says although she may not like her, she will respect her.

Mickie James vs. Tara

Tara is out to the ring first accompanied by Madison Rayne. Mickie is out soon after and she runs to the ring, quickly slapping Tara in the face twice. Tara takes Mickie down and pounds on her, but Mickie turns it around. Tara catches Mickie with a big right and goesfor a piledriver, but James counters out with a backdrop and hits a low dropkick. Tara rolls to the outside and Mickie invites her back in.

Tara catches Mickie off guard and snaps her neck on the ropes. When she comes back in the ring she kicks away at Mickie for a bit, and Mickie tries to fight back. Tara goes for the Widow's peak, but Mickie rolls through out of it and goes right into a single leg crab, but she holds on to Tara's hair, so she's forced to break it. Tara rolls out to the floor and drags Mickie out after her. They both grab each other by the hair and fight back into the ring where the referee breaks it up. Tara goes right back to it and sends Mickie across the ring by her hair before choking her against the bottom rope.

Tara hits a beautiful suplex and rolls over into a guillotine choke before grabbing at Mickie's hair. Tara kicks at Mickie and chokes her with her boot. Tara gloats for a bit, and it allows Mickie to get a couple of shots in. Mickie grabs Tara in a headscissors and takes her over the top to the outside. James is on the apron and she jumps off, launching herself Thesz press style into Tara. Mickie rolls Tara into the ring and follows with a top rope missile dropkick. Mickie goes for the chick kick, but Tara pulls her down into a splits and kicks her over.

Tara goes for another suplex but Mickie floats over. Mickie tries for a suplex of her own, but Tara picks her up and seats her on the top turnbuckle. Tara slips and ends up straddling James, and they fight for a bit before they both tumble to the outside in a pretty nasty looking spot. On the outside, both women immediately go right back for the hair. Mickie whips Tara back first into the ring,and to retaliate she hits a bit chop to Mickie's chest. Both women fight up toward the entrance ramp area and into the crowd. Tara sends Mickie into a wall and both women continue to fight. The ref is forced to call for the bell, but it doesn't matter as both women continue to fight.

No Contest

Mickie and Tara continue to brawl, back toward the entrance ramp, then toward the broadcast table before Mickie sends Tara into some TNA employees. Tara grabs a broom and snaps it over Mickie's back, and Mickie comes right back with a garbage can to Tara's head. Mickie pounds away on Tara, but Tara comes right back with a couple of right's of her own. Security try to pull Mickie and Tara apart, but don't have an easy time of it. Mickie eventually heads back to the ring and calls Tara out. Tara obliges, running through security and to the ring. Both women fend off security before they continue to fight. Tara rips off a piece of Mickie's jeans, so Mickie rips off part of Tara's outfit. They continue to fight until more security and backstage officials make their way into the ring. Even then, we're still get another pull apart.

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