Christy Hemme is backstage with Team 3D. She asks about their last match, and Bubba says she smacked him in the face with reality. He says they did a good job of becoming the best tag team that ever existed. They've been around the world, and they did it together. Ray says they'll do it one more time, together, and they'll become the 24 time Tag Team Champions, and retiring in style. And they're going out like they came in, together. D-Von says Testify.

TNA Tag Team Championship Match
- The Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. Team 3D

Shelley and D-Von look to start things out for their respective teams. The bell rings, and the crowd immediately begins a 3D chant. We get a handshake from both men. Both men lock up and D-Von pushes Shelley into the corner, breaking cleanly. Another lock up, and Shelley twists the arm, leading to him being taking over and off his feet. Shelley catches D-Von with a grapevine around the neck and D-Von relents. Both men get up and trade a few more holds before D-Von hits a shoulderblock, and spinning back elbow. D-Vin goes for a suplex but Shelley reverses out. Shelley tries to use his speed, but misses an enzugiri. He hits a dropkick to D-Von's knee and tags out to Sabin. They go for a double team maneuver but D-Von avoids it and hits a double clothesline. Ray tags in and 3D goes for a double team, but Shelley goes to the outside and avoids it.

Back in the ring,Sabin and Ray fight, and Sabin connects with a couple of forearms to Ray's face. Sabin goes to the apron and hits a springboard crossbody that's good for a two count, but Ray comes right back with a big boot. Tag to D-Von leads to a double team backbreaker legdrop combo and near fall. Shelley tags in and the Guns hit a series of quick double team maneuvers of their own that leads to a near fall for Shelley. Shelley goes to the top turnbuckle and tries for a double stomp, but D-Von is able to roll out of the way and tags in Ray who targets Shelley's knee with a grapevine.

Ray picks Shelley up by the leg and slams his knee into the canvas, but a splash is missed, and Shelley tags out to Sabin. Shelley and Sabin immediately begin throwing crazy dropkicks and double team maneuvers at both members of 3D. Shelley hits a suicide dive on D-Von, but Sabin misses a dive out on Ray. Ray tries to charge Sabin on the outside, but Sabin moves and Ray hits the ring post, splitting himself open. Sabin rolls him back into the ring where Shelley goes to work on Ray's arm. Shelley tags out to Sabin who comes in with a quick right hand and rakes away at Ray's wound on his forehead. Sabin kicks Ray and tags out to Shelley, they both kick Ray square in the chest. Shelley hits a couple of knee drops, continuing to open the wound of Ray. Shelley prevents Ray from making the tag and Shelley tags himself in, but he eats a back elbow. Borther Ray goes to the top rope, and Sabin stops him, but Ray responds with a top rope power bomb. Ray covers Sabin but only gets two.

Shelley is able to make the tag, and he prevents Ray from making the tag, so Ray responds with a big chop. Shelley kicks Ray, so Ray comes back with another chest. Another kick from Shelley, and another, and Ray follows up with another chop that stuns Shelley. Ray stops another kick and eats an enzugiri, but he counters a diving Shelley with an ace crusher and both men are down. Ray makes the tag and so does Shelley. D-Von takes Sabin down with a series of rights and a big flying shoulderblock. Side slam from D-Von is good for a two count. D-Von charges Sabin, but Sabin gets the boot up, D-Von responds with a quick powerslam. Sabin avoids a back body drop, so D-Von follows up with a neckbreaker. Shelley breaks up a pin and pokes D-Von in the eye before they hit a poetry in motion. A second attempt, and D-Von catches Sabin, and slams him into Shelley. D-Von climbs to the top and hits a flying headbutt on Sabin that's good for two.

Ray tags himself in, and hits a double clothesline on both of the Guns. Ray and D-Von hit a back suplex neckbreaker combo on Sabin, and the What's Up head butt on Shelley. Ray pushes D-Von, and the crowd yells along to get the tables. D-Von is happy to oblige, and he goes to the outside. A few seconds later, and there's a table in the ring.

Da-von tags in, and Ray tries to send Sabin through the table in the corner, but Sabin flips off of it, and Ray charges right through it. Double team from the Guns, and it's good for two. Cross body/neckbreaker combo from the Guns is good for another two count. The Guns try for a double team, but D-Von fights it off and Shelley kicks Sabin. Shelley turns around and walks right into a 3D. D-Von covers Shelley, but Shelley kicks out! D-Von and Ray look shocked.

D-Von tags out to Ray and they try for another, but Sabin DDT's D-Von, and avoids a splash from Ray. A neckbreaker/cross body combo on Brother Ray, and Sabin pins Ray to get the three count.

Winners and STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: The Motor City Machine Guns

They air highlights and all four hug it out in the ring. Team 3D puts over MCMG BIG TIME here.

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