We go right to the backstage area where Christy Hemme is with Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer calls himself out as a reason 3D exists, and says tonight is a sad night because members of EV2 are fighting for their jobs, and he and RVD are fighting. Dreamer says tonight RVD will find out who is his true friend.

Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer

The bell rings, and it looks like we're ready to kick things off in this one. RVD and Dreamer talks for a bit before locking up. They break quickly, lock up and break again. Another lock up and Dreamer grabs RVD's leg, ducking an enzugiri, and trying for a quick pin, Van Dam comes back with one of his own, and both stand up quickly in a stand off. They talk a bit more nose to nose and then trade right hands. We get a bit of sloppy chaining reversals before Dreamer clotheslines Van Dam. RVD rolls to the outside.

RVD stalls for a bit, but soon makes his way back to the apron. Dreamer charges him and RVD buries his shoulder in Dreamer's midsection. Dreamer hits him in the chest and RVD falls to the floor. Dreamer goes out to the apron and launches himself toward Van Dam with a running clothesline from the apron. Dreamer tries to slam RVD's head into the ring apron, but Van Dam blocks it with a quick kick before crotching Dreamer on the barricade and following it up with a spinning kick to Dreamer's back.

Van Dam slams Dreamer's head into the apron, and grabs a chair, sending it into the ring. RVD chokes Tommy for a bit before coming into the ring himself and setting the chair on Dreamer's face while his head and neck is on the apron. RVD tries for a slingshot legdrop on the chair on Dreamer's face, but Dreamer moves and Van Dam falls to the outside. Dreamer rolls RVD back into the ring and goes to work on RVD's leg before sitting him on the top rope and setting him up in the tree of woe. Dreamer puts the chair in front of Van Dam's face, but RVD moves it. Dreamer puts Van Dam right back into it, only for the same result. Dreamer catches him and instead drops him with a neckbreaker out of the tree of woe.

Dreamer goes out under the ring and grabs a ladder and a chair. Dreamer places the ladder on the apron, and just so happens to be in place for Van Dam to baseball slide into it. Dreamer picks up the ladder though, and slams it into Van Dam's face instead. Dreamer sends the ladder into the ring and rolls RVD in. Dreamer hits a bulldog sending Van Dam face first into the ladder, but it's only good for a two count. Dreamer places Van Dam on the ladder and goes for a middle rope elbow drop, but RVD moves. RVD puts Dreamer on the ladder and tries for rolling thunder, but Dreamer moves. Dreamer hits a spinebuster to put Van Dam down, and Dreamer goes to the top rope, coming down with a big splash. Dreamer pins RVD for a two.

Dreamer tries for a DDT, but RVD counters with a Northern lights suplex, and Dreamer looks like he's broken his wrist in a really sickening sight. RVD looks down at Dreamer and he tries to pin him, but Dreamer kicks out. RVD hits a low dropkick and this is absolutely crazy on Dreamer's behalf. RVD picks Dreamer up and slams him down on a chair and tries for a split legged moonsault, but Dreamer moves. I don't know how, but somehow Dreamer pickes up the ladder puts it in the corner sending Van Dam in face first, only to have the ladder thrown right back in his own face. RVD tries for the five star frog splash, but Dreamer rolls out of the way, and somehow hits a stalling piledriver, but Van Dam kicks out at two.

RVD goes to the top and Dreamer continues to fight, hitting him with a series of rights. He picks the ladder up and sets it up in between the middle and top ropes. Dreamer stands on the ladder and fights Van Dam, but Dreamer ends up slipping through the rungs of the ladder, Van Dam hits a sick kick and Dreamer is still hung up sickly in the ladder. RVD puts a chair in Dreamer's face and hits a low dropkick. Another five star attempt, and Dreamer rolls out of the way again. Dreamer tries for the Dreamer Driver, but RVD fights out and throws him into the ladder in the corner. Dreamer ends up slammed into the chair, and RVD goes for another five star frog splash, connecting this time. RVD pins Dreamer for the three count. Crazy.

Winner: RVD

After the match, Van Dam approaches Dreamer, and calls him his brother. He apologizes to Dreamer and hugs him. Dreamer shakes his hand and hugs him back.


We cut right back to the backstage area where Hemme is with Fortune. Flair says this is the time for the show to start, because Fortune will kick a**, and they'll fire a member of EV2. Everyone gets a little turn on the mic where they talk up their team and talk down EV2. Flair says it's Fortune's time.

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