We cut right back to the backstage area where Hemme is with Fortune. Flair says this is the time for the show to start, because Fortune will kick a**, and they'll fire a member of EV2. Everyone gets a little turn on the mic where they talk up their team and talk down EV2. Flair says it's Fortune's time.

EV2 vs. Fortune
Winning Team Gets to Fire A Member of the Losing Team

All ten men stare each other down and Kaz slaps Kendrick to start things off, leading right into a crazy brawl that breaks down pretty quickly, moving all over the ringside area. Kendrick and Kaz end up in the ring and Kendrick sends Kaz to the outside with a back elbow. Kendrick turns around into a chop block from Williams, and Stevie throws Williams to the outside. Roode hits Stevie with a spinebuster that's good for a near fall. Kendrick is helped to the back by the trainers and even Storm looks a bit concerned. That was a nasty blow by Williams. Storm and Richards looks to start things off properly.

Kaz tags in and hits a jumping clothesline that's good for a near fall before tagging out to William's. Williams sends Richards into the corner and follows with a high knee. Williams tags out to Styles, who comes in and lays into Stevie with a big kick to the back. Styles tags out to Kaz and we get a double team side slam/slingshot legdrop combo. Roode catches Richards with a couple of elbows across the throat while the ref's back is turned, and tags in, only to slingshot Richards against the bottom rope. Styles tags in and hits a suplex that's good for another near fall. Kaz tags back in and hits another suplex before mocking Richards' Stevie kick. When Kaz tries for it though, Richards counters into some kind of crazy combination. Rhino and Storm tag in and Rhino is a house of fire, spearing Storm in the corner and hitting a belly to belly suplex before taking it to all five members of Fortune.

Rhino plants Storm with a suplex, but when he goes for the gore, Roode distracts him and AJ hits a springboard dive that sets up Rhino for a near fall. Roode tags in and ends up spat at by Sabu. Roode hits a snap mare on Rhino and follows up with a flipping neckbreaker. Kaz tags in to the mat, and locks in a rear chin lock, and Raven just walks into the ring to break it up. Storm tags in to the match and stomps away on Rhino before snap maring him over and locking in a rear chin lock on his own. Rhino is able to fight up to his feet, but Storm jerks him down to the mat by the hair. Storm smacks Rhino across the face and sends him across the ring, where he follows up with an enzugiri that's good for two.

Storm goes to the top turnbuckle, but Rhino stops him and shoulders him into a fallaway slam. Sabu and Styles make their way into the match and Sabu is the next to take it to all members of Fortune. Sabu sets up a chair in the middle of the ring and uses it to launch himself to the outside on top of three members of Fortune. Sabu tries to hit a superplex on Styles, but misses, avoids a spingboard 450 and hits a big DDT. Styles tags out to Williams who hits a top rope European suplex. Everyone gets a turn at the wheel hitting something in the middle of the ring as everything begins to break down. Sabu throws a chair into Storm's face, and crotches Styles on the top rope. Styles catches him trying for a top rope hurricarana, Styles jumps down to the mat, and hits a Styles clash. Styles pins Sabu, and this one is over.

Winners: Fortune

Fortune stand on the ramp and wave goodbye to Sabu. Sabu looks frustrated in the middle of the ring. Ric Flair makes his way out to the entrance ramp with a mic. He asks the crowd to pay homage to Fortune. Flair says one of the fools in EV2 is going to lose the favor of Fortune. Flair says he didn't like the Sheik, so Sabu is out of here, and he's fired. Flair say us in the weeks to come, the others will be gone too. Sabu charges Flair, and the members of EV2 are forced to hold him back. RVD and Dreamer make their way out to the ring to say goodbye to Sabu. Dreamer asks for a mic.

RVD grabs the mic and says this sucks. He says that this is evidence that sometimes what RVD wants just isn't good enough. Dreamer says if there was ever anyone who deserved to be a multimillionaire for what he put his body through, it's Sabu. Dreamer says the people here tonight can tell their grandchildren that they saw Sabu in a ring doing what he does. Everyone gets their hugs in, and Sabu still doesn't look too happy about it.

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