- We get a video package detailing the events leading up to the next match, featuring a lot of profanity laden promo footage of Jeff Hardy.

TNA Championship Match
- Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Matt Morgan

The bell rings, and we're ready to kick things off for this final match of the evening. We get a lock up and Morgan simply tosses Hardy away. Hardy rolls to the outside and recovers for a bit before coming back in. Hardy ducks another lock up, and eats a big elbow instead, putting him right back down. Hardy kicks Morgan in the midsection and pounds on him, but Morgan shrugs off a shoulder block and Hardy ends back on the mat. Hardy is able to rake the eyes of Morgan and goes to work on the leg, but Morgan grabs Hardy by the throat and tosses him over the top rope to the outside.

Hardy is slow to get to his feet, but when he does he stalls getting back into the ring, and spits into the face of Morgan. Morgan goes to the outside and chases after Hardy. Hardy rolls back in and tries for an elbow drop, but he misses. Morgan clubs down across Hardy's chest before pulling him to the floor. Morgan rolls Hardy back into the ring and tries for a pin but he only gets two. Morgan tries for a leg drop but Hardy avoids it and hits a dropkick before turning his attention back to Morgan's leg. Hardy kicks away at Morgan before hitting him with a low clothesline that's good for a one count. Hardy tries for some kind of weird leg submission that doesn't look too painful, but he turns it over into a single leg crab,pounding on Morgan's knee all the while. Morgan crawls toward, and is able to make it to the ropes and force a break of the hold.

Hardy continues to work over the leg, propping it on the bottom rope and crashing down on top of it repeatedly. Hardy hits a knee drop that's good for a near fall, and follows it right up with a rear chin lock. Morgan is able to fight up to his feet, but Hardy beats him back down. Morgan is quick to come back with a series of blows and clotheslines before ripping Hardy's shirt off. Morgan hits a discus clothesline but it's still only good enough for a two count. Morgan picks Hardy up to his feet, but Hardy responds with a DDT that's good for a near fall of his own.

Hardy goes to the middle rope and jumps off, but Morgan catches him,and executes a big chokeslam that's good for a two count. Morgan gets back up to his feet and drags Hardy up, but Hardy hits a low blow on Morgan and follows up with a twist of fate that's good for a near fall. Hardy stomps away at Morgan's head before laying into him with repeated rights. Hardy walks right into a bicycle kick, but Hardy kicks him accidentally, and the ref calls it a two count. It's pretty sloppy. Morgan and the ref argure for a bit, and Morgan reaches down and picks Hardy up to his feet. Hardy hits the twist of fate and goes for another cover but still only gets two.

Hardy charges Morgan in the corner but Morgan avoids it. Morgan hits Hardy with a head butt and a big right hand before seating him on the top turnbuckle. Hardy is able to fight Morgan off and connect with the whisper in the wind. Another twist of fate from Hardy and this one is enough to keep Morgan down for a three count.

Winner and STILL TNA World Champion: Jeff Hardy

We get lots of confetti as Fortune comes out and they all celebrate and drink. A big party in the ring. Everyone seems PISSED at the ref for how the main event went.

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