Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- WWE Studios' Knucklehead starring The Big Show is out on DVD today. WWE has a promotion where you have a chance to win four free tickets to a WWE event in your area plus backstage tour if you send in a picture of you at a store buying the DVD.

-- The Miz and Alex Riley appeared on the UK morning show Daybreak this morning, promoting the European tour. Both were in character.

-- Episode 6 of NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood is available online at

-- Here are the ratings for the WWE and Lucha Libre shows: Smackdown did a 8.2, Raw did a 9.2, CMLL did a 3.4, and AAA did a 3.8.

-- The pre-sale code for WrestleMania will be revealed tomorrow.

-- Tickets for the SmackDown! taping on January 18th, 2011 that will be held at the Bank Of Oklahoma Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma will go on sale December 4th, 2010.

-- All is not well for the Great Khali. He is doing the Indian version of Big Brother, but he has a movie coming out this Friday in India. By contractual obligation, he needed to promote it 1 week prior to release. Since he is stuck in the Big Brother house, he cannot do that. The producer of the film plans to move the issue to court.

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