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-- currently has a "Where are They Now" feature up on Ken Patera.

-- Joey Styles posted this tweet recently: "What's the big deal about being able to see "Old School WWE"? It's on TV every week. It's called TNA."

-- WWE announcer and General Manager Mike Adamle has put his home in Evanston, IL up for sale. You can read the article on

-- Sean Waltman has been tweeting on a DX Reunion lately. He said "Im working on getting a tour of Europe w/a DX Reunion of Myself & The New Age Outlaws. Any reputable promoters interested, FB mesg me." He was then asked how he could pull this off when WWE owns the rights to the name. His reply: "Well .....Who cares? There would have no longer been a DX when Shawn quit after losing to Austin. We were the real degenerates." He continued later with: "everyone already had that watered down version of a dx reunion. Not HHH & Shawns fault though. I just mean that the content was watered down because of the whole PG thing. No disrespect. I love them both dearly."

-- You can check out the latest Last Call with Scott Hall below:

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