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Mick Foley was on TSN's Off The Record with Michael Landsberg for the full 30 minutes today.

On the show, he promoted his book "Countdown to Lockdown". He mentioned that you shouldn't really get too far from Vince McMahon in the wrestling business.

Landsberg asked Foley if he would go back to the WWE, Foley replied putting over TNA and said he enjoys working for TNA. However, he did mention that if his kids wanted him to go back to be part of the WWE Hall of Fame, he would.

Landsberg mentioned that it seems as though anyone can go back to McMahon if it is good for business, and mentioned Bret Hart. Foley said McMahon would not take some people back. Landsberg asked for some names and Foley elected not to answer that question. Jokes were made about wrestlers returning to WWE/Vince McMahon and be greeted with a big hug.

Landsberg asked if Flair is one of the people that wouldn't be welcomed back, Foley didn't think so as he thought TNA was a great place for young guys and guys like him and Flair to work, and he compared it to baseball players playing for different baseball teams.

A lot of talk moved to concussions in wrestling and Foley said if he were to guess, he has had dozens to a hundred concussions in his career. Talk moved to Chris Nowinski and the work he has done for research for concussions. Talk moved to taking a piece of the brain of wrestlers and athletes to study. They mentioned that Nowinski would want Foley's entire brain to study. Foley said that he knows that when he dies, someone will be waiting to get his brain for studies.

Talk moved to Vince McMahon. He talked about Hell in the Cell 1998 and said McMahon told him that he appreciated what Foley did but didn't want him to do anything like that again. Foley said that in 2000 after Foley said he drove for twenty minutes and didn't remember where he lived, McMahon told him that this would be his last match. Foley put over McMahon having a heart due to McMahon willing to put away one of the top draws so that no further injuries would occur.

Talk moved to the Lesnar/Undertaker "confrontation" at the recent UFC pay-per-view. Foley is not sure whether it was a work or not and said he isn't aware if there is any tension between the two. At the end of the show, he stated that a fight/match between Lesnar/Undertaker in any venue whether it be wrestling or UFC would be great.

Landsberg asked Foley why he thinks UFC is so popular. Foley said he wouldn't have guessed that UFC would still be as popular based on a lot of the big name headliners losing. Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell were names mentioned for individuals that have lost a majority of their recent fights but can still draw buyrates if they headlined a pay per view.

Landsberg asked which wrestlers would have done UFC during the prime of their career if they knew it would be this popular. Foley mentioned Rob Van Dam would have, AJ Styles would have. He then mentioned he was asked by a column website to seek wrestler answers to that question.

Foley said he wouldn't do MMA because he wouldn't feel comfortable beating up someone when they were down. He said he felt guilty when he accidentally hurt a wrestler. When asked for the name of the wrestler, he said it was a wrestler at not a big show where he drove his elbow into his opponent's jaw and he felt bad about it for a very long time.

Foley, at the end of the show, did some role playing as Jack Foley, Mick Foley, Cactus Jack, Mankind, Dude Love. He talked about other stories and denied the rumour of ever being called the "Bloomington Bulge". Landsberg blamed Wikipedia for providing the wrong information.

Answering more of Landsberg's questions, Foley said Conan is funnier than Leno, but Kimmel is funnier than Conan. He said he'll say Colbert is funnier than Stewart as he will be on later on Stewart and in hopes of having an interview with Colbert.

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