-- Nick Dinsmore, formerly WWE's Eugene, was on Hit the Ropes Radio on Wednesday night. He talked about his "Euguene" character, saying, "Eugene is very dear to my heart. It was a character that I came up with and I presented to Vince McMahon and Vince liked it and he went with it and it's done really well for me." You can listen to the entire show by clicking here.

-- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin recently talked about Sheamus on his Twitter, writing, "Still pretty green. Mechanically sound. Good potential."

-- It looks like Brock Lesnar will be fighting Roy Nelson after all. When asked about a third fight with Lesnar, Frank Mir basically said "no." "Just because the Carwin fight, Lesnar didn't look all that spectacular, I think a lot of people might have thought that he lost that fight," said Mir. "And then the Velasquez fight obviously, Velasquez made Brock basically shout 'Stop, Enough, Enough' before he tapped due to strikes and that looked really bad." For more from Mir, as well as Roy Nelson on a bout with Lesnar, check out FightLine.com for all the latest UFC news by clicking here.

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