Jim Ross has a new blog entry up at JRSBARBQ.com Here are the highlights...

On Jerry Lawler: The King is planning on being in Hershey for the 3 hour Raw Monday but it all depends on the condition of the staph infection in his knee. If he's not available I assume Cole and Mathews will handle the Legends themed gig. I talked to Jerry for 45 minutes Tusday night and he was in good spirits. He is improving but is no condition to travel at this time.

On His Potential Book: I'm asked when I'm going to 'start my book' on the 25 most interesting people that I've worked with during my long career in the biz. First of all, it has to sell. Then we will finalize the final, final list of 25 individuals, primarily but not all, from the wrestling business. I'd like to begin writing in early 2011 IF it sells to a publisher.

On Ricky Steamboat: Good to see Ricky Steamboat doing hands on training this week in FCW. The Dragon is as good as I've seen training young nwrestlers. Ricky still isn't 100% but he's improving daily, is happy, and simply does an amazing job w/ the WWE rookies.

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