-- Kayfabe Commentaries has announced the following: GUEST BOOKER'S RETURN TAKES YOU INSIDE TNA CREATIVE The show that started it all is back for another awesome season! "Guest Booker," the ongoing chronicle of wrestling's creative minds, returns with our most recent guest, Dutch Mantell. The outspoken booker has become a fan favorite due to his insightful blog, and now he's ready to tell all! Dutch Mantell was brought into TNA's booking committee by Jeff Jarrett himself, and Dutch chronicles the genesis of the company here on this edition of the show. Dutch sat on the committee with Jarrett, Russo, and Cornette, and as you might imagine, those days gave Dutch some great stories to tell. He'll take us into TNA's booking meetings and discuss that dynamic. Then it's time for Dutch to re-launch TNA as we give him January 4, 2010 to do all over again...HIS way. It's old school booking at its best! Go check it out at kayfabecommentaries.com.

-- TNA Wrestling ran a live event at The Asylum in Nashville, Tennessee over the weekend, the venue where TNA held its first shows during the "Wednesday night PPV era" almost a decade ago. It was the last time TNA will be at the Asylum, as the venue is shutting down.

-- Injured star Mr. Anderson appeared in the ring prior to the main event. Anderson said he wasn't cleared to wrestle yet due to his recent concussion, but introduced The Pope for a match against Jeff Hardy.

-- TNA President Dixie Carter appeared at the final Asylum show and thanked fans for their support. She was met with a "Thank You Dixie" chant.

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