-- This week's old-school edition of WWE Monday Night RAW drew a 3.1 cable rating, with 4,758,000 viewers overall. The show did hours of 2.74 (2.7), 3.2 and 3.22 (3.2). For those wondering, the show did a 3.2 cable rating, with 4,527,000 viewers in their normal 9-11EST time slot.

-- The 11/13 edition of AM RAW did a 0.47 (0.5) cable rating, with 516,000 viewers.

-- Members of the Nexus were described as watching Roddy Piper's main event promo very intently. That was a VERY good promo.

-- The wrestlers were all said to have enjoyed themselves last night at RAW, especially the third generation stars that grew up in the business. Many of the legends were excited to meet the third generation guys - more specifically Joe Hennig (Michael McGillicutty) since his father was well respected among them.

-- The agent who fell down hitting the ring last night was John Lauranitis.

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