-- As noted earlier, Sean Waltman went on a rant about WWE and their PG rating + Wellness Policy on Twitter recently. Check out some of his comments below:

"The election is over. Down with the PG s--t & drop the marijuana policy. The IOC doesnt even ban it, except during competition. f--k it, While your at it, lay off the steroid policy too. People want to see guys with great bodies & the boys want to take it.even Vince doesnt want to stop the boys from smoking weed. Its a bs policy.Now the ban on somas & the whole wellness policy in general is great. That would give WWE an idea if anyone's health is affected.Real Sports w Bryant Gumble did what started out to be a hit piece on steroids & came to the conclusion that they are mostly benign.Do some research & know wtf ur talking about before calling me a moron. I know wtf Im talking about & I have scientific back up motherf--ker Even if they were bad for you. who r we to dictate what others can put in their own body. Its un American. Plus population is going to be a problem in the future, so if someone wants to shorten their lives by smoking cigarettes, alcohol, or whatever, Let them. dont hurt others..."

-- The November 10th edition of NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood is up at nwahollywood.com

-- A noted earlier, the general feeling in WWE is that everyone backstage wants Jim Ross to come back and announce. The only question is whether Ross does and Vince wants him back.

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