-- Two additional matches were taped for this week's episode of WWE Superstars Tuesday night in Richmond, Virginia: JTG vs. Chavo Guerrero; Trent Barreta vs. Curt Hawkins. A tag team match pitting Melina and Gail Kim against Maryse and Alicia Fox was taped Monday in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Full spoilers for the show are posted on the main newsboard.

-- WrestleReunion sent out the following today…

WrestleReunion will again feature a special "Breakfast with Champions" event on Sunday morning starting at 8am. Enjoy a deluxe breakfast and sit at a table with one or two of the WrestleReuion guests. You'll get much more than a breakfast as you get some true personal time with your table's guest to hear some great stories in a very relaxed environment.

You can purchase your ticket for the Breakfast with Champions for only $49 and you will be randomly assigned a table. However this year we will be offering you the opportunity to select the table you wish to sit at for only $25 more. In addition we will be filming this special morning get together and putting it on DVD as a bonus to those that do pay the extra money to select their table. This DVD will be an exclusive bonus and we do not plan on selling it. VIP ticket holders will be contacted in order and given first priority in purchasing the Breakfast of Champions ticket and the first chance at upgrading their ticket so they can select which table to sit at.

Starting Dec. 1st tickets will go on sale for this chance-of-a-lifetime event! Here are the table numbers to select from and seats available: 1 – Roddy Piper – 9 seats available 2 – Paul Orndorff & Ken Patera – 8 seats available 3 – Bob Orton & Barry Orton – 8 seats available 4 – Mike Graham & Jimmy Hart – 8 seats available 5 – Powers of Pain – 8 seats available 6 – Terry Funk – 9 seats available 7 – Gene Okerlund – 9 seats available 8- SoCal Val & Traci Brooks – 8 seats available 9 – Tatanka & Val Venis – 8 seats available 10 – Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito – 8 seats available 11 – Tito Santana & Savio Vega – 8 seats available 12 – Shane Douglas – 9 seats available

For complete details, visit wrestlereunion.com. Visit our official Breakfast with Champions page for more updates in the future.

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