Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

-- TNA's current World Heavyweight title (Jeff Hardy's Immortal belt) was made by "Top Rope Belts" in Lexington, North Carolina. The belt is based off several paintings Jeff Hardy has done in the past.

-- It should be noted that the same company designed the "DILLIGAF" championship belt for Shannon Moore. As of right now, that belt is not expected to be used on iMPACT! or pay-per-view events. Moore apparently wanted to use the belt as part of his ongoing storyline but TNA passed on the idea.

-- According to backstage sources, there has been some cost cutting measures within TNA over the last month or so. TNA management and the top decision makers are coming to terms with the fact that some of the top names who are the highest paid talents are not doing anything for the company's ratings. According to the source, several big changes are planned for the early part of next year. It's possible some of the higher paid talents will be asked to take pay cuts which likely won't go over well. It should be noted that Dixie Carter's mother (Janice) is one person in particular who is putting her foot down and demanding cost cutting measures.

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