Tonight's episode of TNA Impact kicked off with Flair calling out Morgan, setting up tonight's main event. Robbie E, Cookie, and Generation Me won their mixed tag match against Jay Lethal, Velvet Sky, and the MCMG.

Samoa Joe interrupts Jarrett's "MMA demo", teasing a submission match between the two. Jeff Hardy defeated Raven, costing him his job in TNA. Rhyno admits to working for Bischoff in order to be offered a new contract. Abyss gets surprised in his casket match with Shannon Moore, when Pope appears in the casket. Mickie James won a TNA Knockout title match, and Brother Ray compared himself to Shawn Micheals.

Finally, Morgan scores the win over Ric Flair after Douglas Williams turned on Fortune.

What did you think about tonight's episode of Impact? What do you think about double J's "MMA" angle? Are we finally seeing the demise of EV2.0? Does the loss of Williams hurt Fortune/Immortals chances for domination? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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