-- Dolph Ziggler posted the following on his Twitter page: "I hate to see anyone go, whether they need to move on or they are let go! Friends or not, we really are a family! And a lot of friends have Come and gone, for most it was their dream since childhood, others it was still a 24/7 life. Cheers to all of my family that has been let go I hope you all move on to bigger and better things, And I hope we still stay in touch down the road! :) because the door is never closed :)"

-- Tyler Reks tweeted his support for Vance Archer: "Retweet for my boy: RT @VanceArcher I'll be taking bookings at [email protected] Contact me here for any bookings or interviews. Again thankU to All of You!"

-- Joey Styles tweeted the following: "Will begin Tuesday's NXT Live Chat with apology for being unprofessional & prematurely revealing Aksana's elimination last Tuesday."

-- As noted earlier here on the website, this past Thursday's episode of TNA iMPACT! drew a 1.07 (1.1) cable rating, with 1,377,000 viewers. That is down slightly from the 1.16 (1.2) cable rating, with 1,632,000 that the show scored last week. In an update on this week's rating, the first hour of iMPACT! did a 1.3 rating, while the second hour fell significantly and only did a 1.01 (1.0) cable rating. Of course, the Jersey Shore (highest rated show on TV on Thursday nights + WWE/TNA's core demographic) starts at 10EST. There was also a pretty big NFL game (Dolphins vs. Bears) and several college football games on as well. This likely hurt both WWE and TNA.

-- This week's TNA ReAction drew a 0.59 (0.6) cable rating, with 705,000 viewers. That is down from last week's 0.7, with 982,000 viewers.

-- This week's WWE Superstars drew a 0.53 (0.5) rating, with 611,000 viewers. The replay did a 0.18 (0.2) rating, with 147,000 viewers.

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