-- Shawn Michaels tweeted Friday night that he got hit by a drunk driver: "The fam&I got hit by a drunk driver 2nite @50mph.All r OK. I did however jerk him out of his seat quite abruptly&say"bad" words;-) Thx all. We're fine. Car is fine. I drive a tank. Kids were fired up. Wanted 2 beat him up. Poor guy hit the craziest fam he cud:-) All I can say is he was staring at a couple 'things' that let him kno he hit the wrong people. Legally speaking of course:-) We appreciate u 4 caring. Hey on a side note. Make good choices if u can. Nobodys perfect, just try ok? Luv ya, u nuts:-)"

That's unreal. What is wrong with people - DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!

-- Here is the updated WWE Survivor Series card for this Sunday. We'll have FREE live play-by-play coverage Sunday night at 8EST:

* Sheamus vs. John Morrison
* WWE IC TITLE MATCH: Dolph Ziggler vs. Kaval
* WWE US TITLE MATCH: Daniel Bryan vs. Ted DiBiase
* WWE TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The Nexus (Gabriel and Slater) vs. Santino and Vladimir Kozlov
* WWE CLASSIC SURVIVOR SERIES MATCH: Team Rey Mysterio (Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, MVP, Chris Masters and The Big Show) vs. Team Alberto Del Rio (Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes, Tyler Reks, Drew McIntyre and Jack Swagger)
* WWE UNIFIED DIVAS TITLE MATCH: Layla and Michelle McCool vs. Natalya
* WWE TITLE MATCH: Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett w/John Cena as special referee. (NEXUS is banned from ringside, and you can only win via pin or submission. Wade Barrett has announced that if he doesn't win the WWE Title, John Cena will be fired on the spot. But he also added that if he wins the WWE Title, John Cena will be relieved of all of his responsibilities in Nexus.)

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