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On Jack Swagger: Jack Swagger w/o his questionable 'mascot' (Why Jack Why?) is a very formidable opponent for any one on any brand. As I said money night on my brief cameo at ringside on RAW, I feel that Jack Swagger, when motivated and focused can beat any one in WWE and I truly mean that. However, if Swagger wants to be a comedian and not play to his definitive, natural strengths he will never achieve the level of success that he should. I could easily see Swagger getting refocused and becoming World Champion or WWE Champion in 2011. Jack, lose the mascot. Come on, man.

On Kaval: Kaval beats the IC champion on Friday night in approximately two minutes of bell to bell action. Doesn't bode well for Dolph Ziggler who also recently lost three in a row to Daniel Bryan in one week. Ziggler is due to miraculously recover his focus and will likely beat Kaval in what could be a helluva match Sunday at Survivor Series. They could steal the show but not in 5-7 minutes of wrestling time.

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