Source: PWInsider

The Rock called in today on O&A, said that he was happy that Linda McMahon ran for senator in CT, said he's happy making movies, talked about Mick Foley a bit.

He then plugged his "Faster" movie, says Billy Bob Thornton and others are in the "Faster". He then talks about what the movie "Faster" is about, then says after having his last match with Brock Lesnar he then decided to go into the movies.

He complimented Steve O on the "Jackass 3D" movie, then says he either does his own stunts in movies or has stunt people do his own stunts. He says in his early days he's worked with great acting coaches for his movies.

Dwayne says he and McMahon co-owns "The Rock" name, says this all goes back to his grandfather & dad working with McMahon which had McMahon decide for the co-ownership.

Johnson says he was at the tail end of McMahon's "kiss my ass" fan club and says at the time, those moments were the best times when it was WWF. O&A all talk about Mae Young giving birth to a hand, Stephanie being chained into the boiler room, Shane McMahon taking bumps.

Dwayne says that Shane's got business overseas and thinks he may have had some meetings with UFC's Dana White. He says Shane's always willing to bust his ass into the wrestling business. Opie and Anthony said Shane probably had no choice but to be in wrestling given he was Vince's son.

Dwayne says that Brock Lesnar was so passionate about wrestling in the beginning and at the end of the day, he felt "f*** it".

O&A give more plugs for "Faster" and that's where the segment ends.

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