Partial Source: The Pro Wrestling Torch

-- Kevin Nash continues to deny reports that he has re-signed with TNA Wrestling. There is talk, however, that a deal is in place.

One company official not aware of whether Nash had re-signed, assumed it was only a matter of time if he had not.

"They are talking," said the official. "He's got somebody's ear. And by somebody, I mean Dixie Carter."

-- Also, Kevin Nash recently spoke to "thaoshow" about the tweet he made after The Miz's WWE Title win Monday and more. Check out the highlights:

On his Tweet knocking The Miz's title win: "The other night I said something about Miz - I don't even know the guy. Don't really have an opinion on him, I just wanted to see how riled up I could get people. People just get furious."

On whether Miz as champion is good for business: "I think what happened is that the company went PG. When you don't fall into that demographic - well, my son is 14 and he doesn't have a problem with it."

On Paul Heyman saying that he would have fired everyone over 40 had he taken control of TNA: "Am I the only one who watched 'Gran Torino' and completely believed that Clint Eastwood could do what he did in that movie at 80-years-old. It's about the character, the human being. You could be 80 and be a wuss, but you were probably a wuss when you were 22. You're not going to become a badass at 80, but if you were 'Dirty Harry,' chances are you're still going to pull it off when you're 80. I'm 51-years-old and I don't have anybody coming up and pushing on me."

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